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Pure Water Treatment Services Service List

System Maintenance

Cold Water Tank Cleaning


System Sanitisation and Cleaning


Precommission Cleaning and Water System Certification to BS6700 and L8 ACoP


Descaling of Calorifiers and Hot Water Services


Routine L8 ACoP monthly & quarterly testing contracts


Cold Water Tank Refurbishment, Relining & Replacement to The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999


Cleaning & Disinfection and Refurbishment of Fire Water Storage Tanks


Quarterly Shower Head Descaling & Disinfection


Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing


Water System Refurbishment following Legionella Risk  Assessment


Service Contracts Including the Following:


Full Range of Water Treatment Chemicals (Antiscalants, Biocides, Dispersants, Corrosion Inhibitors)
Chemical Free Biocide Treatment Systems – Reduce onsite chemical usage by 80%
Bulk Chemical Delivery and Storage Systems
Hands-free Pumped Chemical Delivery System
No Drum Disposal Costs
Fast Chemical Delivery Lead Times
Cooling Tower Refurbishment
Drift Eliminator and Packing Supply and Replacement
Side Stream Filtration Systems
Legionella Risk Assessment
Electronic Record Keeping Systems
L8 ACOP Compliant Log Books
Legionella & Other Pathogen Risk Management
Legionella & Water Treatment Training
Treatment & Water Recycle Consultancy Service
Cleaning & Disinfection
Pretreatment (Softeners, RO, Dealk, Demin)
Chemical Dosing & Control Equipment
Microbiological Screening
Legionella Testing
Onsite Sampling & Analysis
L8 ACOP Test Equipment & Dipslides
Full Laboratory Elemental and Particle Analysis


Correct cooling tower treatment will ensure that the cooling system remains free from scale deposition, corrosion, bacteriological and macro fouling and disease proliferation such as Legionellosis.


We offer a tailor made water treatment programme to minimise associated legionella and process risks supported by services including regular monitoring, dosing & control equipment and physical cleaning.