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Pure Water Treatment Services Service List

Monitoring and Testing

Routine & Emergency Legionella Sampling


Water Potability Sampling


Microbiological Water Sampling and Laboratory Analysis


Plumbing Metal / Water Contamination Sampling & Laboratory Analysis


Onsite Water Analysis, L8 ACoP Testing


L8 ACoP Temperature Monitoring


Service Contracts Including the Following:


Effluent Stream or Plant Monitoring & Consultancy Service
System Optimisation and Design Service
Bulk Chemical Delivery and Storage Systems
25Kg Pale to 40 Tonne Tankerised Chemical Deliveries
Hands-free Pumped Chemical Delivery System
Coagulant Chemical Supply
Anionic & Cationic High Performance Polymer Flocculant Supply
Chemical & Mechanical Sludge Dewatering
COD and BOD Reduction Consultancy
Primary Clarifier Cleaning & Disinfection
Onsite Laboratory Test Equipment
Onsite Online Monitoring Equipment (pH, TSS, TOC, COD-uv)
Full Laboratory Effluent, Sludge and Supernatant Analysis
DAF Plant Sales, Installation, Commissioning and Service
Containerised DAF Plant Hireallowing you to trial before you invest in a capital scheme
Onsite Sampling & Analysis
Plant Inspection Reports
Data Logging Systems
Water Disinfection Systems
Filtration System Supply, Overhaul, Commissioning & Service
Specific Ion Removal – Arsenic, Cadmium
Electroplating Plant Recycling Systems – Chromium Recovery Systems
TTHM & THP Reduction Systems


The use of mains water for industrial water systems can sometimes be very expensive.  Similarlly, the discharge of trade water effluent to the public sewer can incur high costs.  Puresep specialise in the pre-treatment equipment necessary to bring surface or borehole water supplies to specification for grey, drinking or process water applications.  This may include filtration and water pre-treatment plant.